Monday, April 5, 2021



It's been over a year now since I've published anything here, but that doesn't mean This Gay Relationship hasn't been active. In fact, it's been more active than ever at the 2.0 version of the blog on the Facebook group page.

There, you'll find a selection of items from the internet that appeals to me, and that I want to share with you. As well as lots of original content in the form of my comments and, well, original content, including my tell it like it is opinion on various subjects.

Check it out. 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Publication Update

It's been a while, hasn't it?

I've wanted to give you an update for a long time but didn't get around to it––that is, an update in the completion and submission of my novel. As you'll recall from the previous post, my original goal date was June 30, 2019.

Well, I didn't achieve that. I tried, I really did, but my manuscript wasn't ready, and I knew it. After working on it for ten years, I thought I could wait a while longer to submit, until I was certain it was the best I could do.

I FINALLY finished my manuscript, realizing a lifelong dream, in mid-September 2019. Shortly after, I submitted it to several publishers. I also submitted it to several more publishers in mid-January of this year and another in February. Currently, my manuscript is in the hands of five publishers, and I'm waiting for a positive response.

Now, we're all dealing with COVID-19––who knew we'd face the worst pandemic in our lifetimes. No one knows when that will end, or what our world will look like when it does. Of course, there are more important things happening than whether my novel is accepted for publication, but I still hope. We will get through this, and the world will go on, including publishing books and people eager to read them.

In the meantime, I've been working on my second novel, which is the second in the series. The outline is almost finished, and I'll soon begin writing the first draft.

Thanks for your interest.

Hope all of you are well.

Stay healthy.    

Friday, May 24, 2019

June 30, 2019


So what's the significance of June 30?

For those of you who are interested, June 30 is the date by which I plan to submit my novel to several publishers. Did I just type that? I can't believe it. It's been a long, long journey.

I can't think of anything I've wanted to be more than a writer. I remember writing a short story with a babysitter when I was a kid. It was a western (don't ask me why I chose that genre, because I have no interest in it today), and I wish I still had that story. That was a lot of years ago (I'll be sixty this October). And, while I wrote a first novel in my early twenties––coming home after work, eating dinner, cleaning up, then writing longhand in scribblers at least until bedtime and often beyond that, for nine solid months––it was a piece of crap and will never see the light of day. But…it taught me something important. It taught me I could write a novel, start to finish. It taught me I had what it took to stick with something and see it through to completion. And it gave me the energy to keep going this time around.

Some of the notes I've kept around writing my current novel have 2010 written on them. That's when I started to figure out what I wanted to write about. But I didn't really start it in earnest until 2012. That's still a hell of a long time––an average of four or five hours a day, Monday to Friday, with short breaks in between, for nearly seven years. SEVEN YEARS. Did I think I could do this? No. I wasn't sure. Am I glad I did? You can't imagine how much.

Thirty-six chapters, 393 pages, 96,747 words––my novel is almost done, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Truly a lifelong dream come true. The query letter is written. The synopsis is written. And now, I'm polishing to make sure my manuscript shines: validating setting details, cutting throwaway words (for example, very, also, rather, really, quite, etc.), and addressing the last issues I've documented on literally thousands and thousands of note sheets since starting this process. I have never worked this hard on anything or felt more fulfilled by something I've done. I've given birth to a book, and I'm closer to it than I am to most human beings.

As always, I'm still available if there's anything in my blog you're interested in and want to ask me about. Or if you just want to talk about something in your life, something you're going through. Simply send me an email at, and I will respond. I'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


At the Dole Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii, December 2017
As you may have noticed, I haven't published much on my blog in a while. That's because I'm working hard to put the final touches on a novel, which I've had on the go since about 2012, and which I'm anxious to finish and submit to a publisher.

In an effort to keep in touch with you, I started a "This Gay Relationship" Facebook page several years ago, where I continuously post smaller, quick-hit items I think you might be interested in––from LGBT news stories I find in my reading on the internet, to movies and TV shows I recommend, to reviews of books, and anything I'd like to share.

I hope you'll check it out (see the top of the column to the right). And, if you're so inclined, I'd love if you joined me and the other members.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy 2018

Time for a new picture of Chris and me, from our trip to Hawaii in early December 2017, where we marked our twentieth-fifth anniversary together.

And a reminder, even though I haven't published a post here in some time, I'm still the owner of this blog, and I'm still committed to it and my readers.  Send me your comments, questions, and emails, and I'll respond.  I promise.

Happy 2018.  May this be your best year yet.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

I'm Still Here

Chris and me at Golden Ears Provincial Park

I know.  I know.  I haven't published something here in a long time (my Christmas and New Year's greetings don't count).

But I want you to know I'm still here, I'm still engaged in my blog, both on Blogger and Facebook, and, if you have a question, concern, need advice, or just want to talk, I'm here for you. 

Send me an email at, and I will respond.  I will help if I can.  That's a promise.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It's been a very long time since I've published a post here (so long, I'm not up to date with the changes Google made to Blogger).

Not sure anyone still pays attention to what I publish, but, if you do, Chris and I want to wish you the very best this holiday season and in 2017.

May your lives be filled with abundance, and your hearts filled with gratitude.