Thursday, June 17, 2010


(Note:  The contents of this post may be offensive to some.)

Last night at dinner, I read quotes to Chris from an article written by John Cloud in the June 21, 2010 issue of Time just received in the mail.  The article was titled "Gay Days in the Magic Kingdom," with the subtitle "How Orlando's theme parks became home to one of the biggest [gay] pride events in the world [p. 69]."

Beyond the first Saturday every June, when as many as 150,000 gays and lesbians take to the parks wearing red shirts, many of the more adults events, in what has become over time a week-long affair, are held at an enormous Doubletree resort in the vicinity of the Disney property. As you might imagine, especially with gay men involved, not everything associated with Gay Days at Walt Disney World would be considered good, clean, family fun.

Referring to the most recent event that took place this past Saturday, June 5, Cloud writes, "In another part of the expo, closed to those under 18, there were huge displays for companies that sell pornography, sex toys and lubricants.  A Doubletree desk clerk doing his best to be professional was given a handwritten note:  CALL ME, SEX MUFFIN. A phone number followed [p.70]."

To which I responded, "Oh, those gays.  Give them an inch...they want eleven more."

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