Tuesday, December 4, 2012

There's Nothing Wrong With Being Gay

Cory Ashworth had this to say recently about his journey to self-acceptance as a gay man, in an article he wrote titled "The truth sets you free, says Vancouver disc jockey," which appeared in the Saturday, November 24, 2012 edition of The Vancouver Sun:

It would take a few handfuls of girlfriends, over two decades of denial and seven full years of hiding on the other side of the planet–in China–before I learned to let go of my fear, my shame and the idea that being gay was wrong [p. F3].

If any of you need further convincing, beyond what I've already written in countless blog posts here, that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, then I urge you to listen to Cory.  

Perhaps this is the first time you've ever heard someone say there's nothing wrong with being gay.  Maybe you've heard for so long, and in so many different ways, that being gay is wrong, and evil, and sinful, that you've accepted it.  And, as a result, you believe there's something wrong with you.

Well, you don't have to believe it any longer.  Cory knows there's nothing wrong with being gay, I know there's nothing wrong with being gay, and countless millions of gay and lesbian people around the world, who have gone through their own struggles to accept themselves, are now out, and live their lives as fully realized gay people, know there's nothing wrong with being gay.  

One day, you too will know there's nothing wrong with being gay (I'm trying to say that as many times as I can, in this short post, to help counter all the times you've heard something to the contrary).  The only time any of us believes there's something wrong with being gay is when we're still in the closet, living in fear that our secret will be found out.

But, once you're out, you will know what all the rest of us know:  There is nothing wrong with being gay.  

Here, from the same article, is a closing quote from Cory Ashworth:

My dream today is that every single human [being] on the planet, regardless of all the pejoratives, has the courage to come out to say this is who I am, I am proud of me, I want to spend my life celebrating who I am.  Let go of shame, regret and any external pressure to be anything less than yourself. 

Amen!  I couldn't agree more.

Let this be the first day you say to yourself, there is nothing wrong with me being gay. That is the first step all of us take, hopefully sooner rather than later, to self-acceptance.

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