Friday, May 31, 2013

Thought for the Day, #61

It took for me to become very good friends with a gay man, to nurse him through AIDS and his death, to open up to…oh, everyone wants love, everyone wants a partner, everyone wants a family and a good life.  And, after he died, and I had been educated through love, now, when I read The New York Times and I see the pictures of gay marriages, I cry.  I cry thinking of my friend, Peter, and how happy he would be.  But it took me knowing him, which it always takes.  You have to know someone who you think is "other," [in order to open your heart].

                                              - Elizabeth Lesser, author of Broken Open

I've never had a couple come to me and say "My marriage is in trouble because of a gay couple living next door."  To the contrary, I've had people come to me and say, "Because of the love between Bob and Joe, I have learned how better to love my wife or husband.  

                                             - Reverend Ed Bacon, pastor, All Saints Episcopal Church

The more I have been through [including cancer], the more I am open to finding love wherever I can….

                                              - Mark Nepo, author of Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

(All quotes are from an episode of "Super Soul Sunday" on OWN)     

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