Thursday, April 16, 2009

Affirmation of the Purpose of this Blog

Below the title of this blog, I wrote "Yes, long-term, monogamous, gay relationships really do exist." I thought it was important to add this sub-title because it's the whole point of what I try to do here every time I sit down to write another post. More than anything else, I want to bring readers, straight or gay, into the lives of two gay men, who have shared a monogamous relationship for nearly seventeen years. I want readers to see that our lives are no different from theirs, that we live day-to-day just like they do--getting up in the morning, getting on with completing daily tasks, and getting the opportunity to love and cherish other human beings. We're really more alike than we are dissimilar, and I hope that whatever I write here will prove that once and for all.

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