Friday, June 12, 2009

The Day Before


Is that a booger in my nose?

Is there spinach in my teeth?

Today, June 12, 2009, is the day before Chris and my seventeenth anniversary. I cannot believe the two of us have been a couple for that long. That's longer than many heterosexual, married couples.

Some people ask me from what point I count our anniversary. I've always taken it from the very first night I met Chris at the Odyssey in downtown Vancouver--an occasion that would change my life forever. From that point forward, we spent virtually all of our time out of work together, even though we both lived in different apartments in the West End. Not until ten months later did we move in together in one of the brand new high rise condo buildings in Yaletown.

Tonight, with my mom visiting us from Kelowna, we went to Kingfisher, a restaurant on the Fraser River, beside the soon-to-be-defunct Albion ferry to Langley. The sun was brilliant, the company was good, and the food was delicious.

I must remember to do this more often, but I brought our digital camera with us so we could snap a few pics throughout the meal. Some of the pictures were so silly that I need to share them with you.

This is Chris and me at our absolute best. I hope you enjoy these as much as we did at dinner. I still haven't stopped laughing at how ridiculous we were.

Life is made of moments like this. We can't let them pass without marking them in some way and keeping them close to our hearts. Tonight, we went out for dinner, but we got so much more out of the experience.



  1. I think you need a kleenex, Chris needs a toothbrush....I have some here if you want to come over...oh wait, you can' live too far away..well I might just have to come over there and visit..

  2. You are so funny, Lisa. You would have laughed yourself silly had you been with us when we took these pictures. Chris had the camera pointed at me, and I knew if I got really close to the camera the picture would be out of focus. Well, that's what I thought. It ended up being in focus, and I couldn't stop laughing at how silly I looked.
    I think Chris suggested that I make it my Facebook profile picture, since many people put strange and funny pics on their profiles, and that's how it found its way there. I still laugh every time I look at it. What fun we had that night, the day before our seventeenth anniversary. Good memories. It was a good time.