Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Email to Mr. Scott Brison, Liberal MP for Nova Scotia

Dear Mr. Brison:

When I saw an article in "The Vancouver Sun" yesterday, about the Christmas card you sent out this year, with a picture of you, your partner, Mr. St. Pierre, and your dog, Simba, on it, I knew I had to send you a brief email to add my voice to those who support what you've done.  My partner, Christopher, and I have been together for over seventeen years, and I would never have thought about including our picture on a card that we send to our family and friends at Christmas, but we've made the decision to do that next year.  Thanks for the idea and the inspiration.

Chris and I are both proud of what you've done, as innocent as it may have seemed at the time.  True, politicians have sent out Christmas cards with family pictures on them for many years, but you had to know that you doing the same thing would get attention.  And I'm grateful that it did. You and Mr. St Pierre have made more people in Canada aware that there are respectable gay people in our country, in loving, long-term, and committed relationships, and in positions of authority in our government, and you've set an example for other gay people to follow.

Many thanks for making the path a little easier for the rest of us, and all the very best to you and Mr. St. Pierre this Christmas and in 2010.

Rick  Modien

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