Thursday, July 1, 2010

Internal Prejudice

Whenever I read material that confirms something I think or feel, I like to share it here.  In part, it helps me feel that I'm not so far off base in what I believe is true, but also I get to repeat my point through someone else's words for emphasis, just in case I'm not perceived as an expert on the subject.

Here's "Mr. Gay World Responds to Criticism," written by David King, from the April-June 2010 issue of "LOV" (Living Out Vancouver):

'The newly crowned winner of Mr. Gay World 2010 has had a lot to deal with, not only in engendering world peace but overcoming the stigma of his own win.

'The 28-year old Mr. Gay World this year is Charl van den Berg, a restaurant manager from Cape Town, South Africa, who, after four grueling days of competition in Oslo beat out rivals from all over the world.

'De Berg believes he has got a message to deliver, in fighting homophobia, AIDS and other issues facing the LGBT community, but getting his voice first necessitated "parading around in skimpy underwear working hard for that sash and scepter" and blocking out controversy about his past....

'"Although I'm painfully aware that as a South African we have a Constitution that is based on sexual equality, I think our biggest obstacle to this equality is not what we perceive to be so called heterosexual prejudice," said van den Berg.  "Our biggest obstacle to true equality is our own internal prejudice within the gay community [p.12; italics are mine for emphasis]."'


  1. Amen. Absolutely an amen.

    This is something I don't understand, and am realizing on a daily basis that I contribute to in ways that I have never wanted.

  2. Hi, Neal. Many thanks for your comment and especially for your honesty. At least you recognize you bear prejudice toward people in the gay community. Some would never admit to that.

    I think the only way we can overcome it is by being aware of it, being on the lookout for how we manifest it in what we say or do. Only then can we resolve not to do it again--at least not in that particular way.

    Thanks again for your interest in what I have to say. I appreciate it.