Monday, July 12, 2010

Strong, Gay Men

I believe it takes a strong, gay man to be in a happy relationship.

What do I mean by strong?  I mean a gay man who fully accepts his sexual orientation, who loves himself regardless of it, and who accepts homosexuality, in all of its permutations, in other men.

Think about that.

If you're gay, single, alone, lonely, desirous to be in love and to be in a lifelong relationship, ask yourself if you're a strong gay man according to the definition above.

* Have you truly accepted the fact that you're gay?  No running from it.  No hiding.  It's what you are.  It's what you always will be.  It is what it is.  End of story.

* Do you truly love yourself, regardless of the fact that you're gay?  You love yourself as a human being.  You know your own self-worth, because you're here, right now, breathing air on this earth.  You love yourself as a gay man, too, because it's a part of you.  

* Do you accept what homosexuality looks like in other men?  You're as comfortable with masculine gay men as you are with effeminate gay men.

Here's what's up:  It's bad enough most of us have self-esteem issues because of how we were raised.  Add to that the whole gay thing, and everything that goes along with it, and we have the potential to hate ourselves and to go on hating ourselves, in so many different ways, through much of our lives.

Until you make peace with being gay, it will continue to be an issue for you, and it will crop up throughout your life, in countless ways, including when you have the chance to love someone and to be loved in return.  I promise you that.  It won't go away until you make it go away.

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