Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Reminder

Here's a tidbit I found in today's issue of The Vancouver Sun, in an article titled "Guide urges new Canadians to leave old prejudices behind."  The following was added to Discover Canada, the citizenship study guide provided to people immigrating to the country, suggesting they leave their '"violent, extreme or hateful prejudices"' behind.

"...Gay and lesbian Canadians enjoy the full protection of and equal treatment under the law, including access to civil marriage [p. A1]."

What better reminder to all Canadians, new and old.

(I am very fortunate indeed to live in a country like Canada and never want to take that for granted.)


  1. Woot! So glad this happened, event though the current Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, is not an ally, in fact, on another blog I read, it said he voted against same-sex marriage as a member of the opposition back in 2005, I think. The guide was supposed to include a history of gay rights in Canada, and talk more about same-sex marriage, but that part got scrapped. (Can't find the source where I read that, or I'd link.) Much better than it was before, but one can only imagine how much better it would be without the current conservative government in place...

  2. Sarah, I agree with your comment about how much better off gay people would be--as well as the whole country--if our conservative government was replaced by the Liberals. Thankfully, the legalization of gay marriage was in place before Harper took over as prime minister, and, although he said he would, he never overturned the decision.

    Thanks for filling in some of the blanks with your comment.