Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bits and Pieces

It's the little things, really.  The little things that make a relationship rich and textured and real.

Here it is, the 4th of May already, and still our weather hasn't warmed up much. Someone needs to remind spring it isn't winter, because, with the amount of rain we've received and the number of cold days we've gotten, I'd swear it's still February.  Maybe I'm just eager to get on with summer.

Anyway, yesterday, as I was about to begin my writing session, my feet were freezing cold.  Yes, I had socks on, but they didn't help much.  Yes, I have slippers, but they're kind of loose and not particularly comfortable or warm. Besides, how much fun is wearing my own slippers?

So I walked into Chris's room, saw his slippers sitting by the door, and put my feet into them.  They felt immediately like home.  A little thing, really.  Like I wrote before. But the point is, not only did I know my feet would warm up, I also knew I'd be a little bit closer to Chris, while he was at work downtown, over an hour away.

Relationships are filled with little bits and pieces like that.  Chris's soft, green fleece I wear during the winter when I'm cold and working around the house. Sitting at Chris's new desk in his office to do my writing, when I have my own perfectly good table to write on in my own space.  Listening to a song I know Chris loves to hear as we're driving around on the weekend, doing our grocery shopping or whatever happens to be on our agenda.  

How better to be close to a cherished loved one who shares your life, when he's not physically present, when you want to feel him near you, when you seek a reminder there's someone in this world just for you?

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  1. Nicely written, Katie. Well done. You get it. I know you do from your words.
    You know how a whole lifetime together with the one you love is made up of all these little "bits and pieces," the most important parts of relationships. The big stuff is easy; the small stuff is what you remember.
    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your insight.