Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Nineteenth, Sweetheart!

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

Nineteen years ago today, we met at the Odyssey.  You were a twenty-three-year-old boy who grew into the forty-two-year-old man you are today.  You are the love of my life, my soulmate, and my one and only.  I love you dearly.  

Thank you for the best nineteen years of my life.  
Thank you for being my partner. 
Thank you for putting up with me for so long.  
Thank you for coming home to me every day.  
Thank you for being the sweetest, most generous and patient human being I know. 
Thank you for the blessing that you are.  

Thank you for being you and for choosing to be with me.  


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks, elevencats. I appreciate it.

  3. Belated congratulations! Wishing you both many many more anniversaries.

  4. Hey, Doug. Thanks for the shout out and good wishes.
    Chris and I appreciate the acknowledgment.

  5. I'm still stupidly busy and can't comment near as much as I'd like, however, I still have to take the time to wish you another 19 years! I'm encouraged and inspired by your joy, love and success. <3

  6. Heather, it's great to hear from you again. I was beginning to be worried something had happened to you. I'm glad that's not the case.
    Thanks so much for your kind words and wishes. I can't believe it's been nineteen years already that Chris and I have been together. Feels like just yesterday I thought I'd never find someone to share my life with.
    Let's see, in another nineteen years, I'll be a scant seventy-one years old. Wow! I don't even want to think about that. My maternal grandmother just turned ninety-three, and she's in reasonably good health for her age, so perhaps I have longevity on my side. I hope so.
    I guess we'll see, right? One day at a time--that's all any of us has.
    Thanks for dropping by and for being so sweet. I appreciate it.

  7. Happy Belated Anniversary, Love Birds! With warm love and best wishes for the next nineteen. May you never stop yearning to hold each others hand.

    "To growing old together!"

  8. Thanks so much, Donna. You're so sweet.
    I love this man with everything I have. I so want every gay man and woman to know the same degree of love, to know the depth and breadth of it. It's really the only reason why we're here, isn't it?
    I love that you get it. You really know how I feel about Chris because you feel the same way about Chip. I've only known you for a short time, but I find your attitude about love so inspiring. Keep spreading it. Love is all that matters.
    Thanks again.

  9. Rick, I have just stumbled upon you blog this afternoon while in search of information on the "gay agenda". I have spent the past few months fighting for equality in New York. I spend hours on facebook chatting with people who I have recently met who have inspired me and opened up my mind in ways I never new possible. I never knew there was so much hate in this world, and that makes me very sad. I am straight, however my mother is a lesbian, and I wanted her to get married to her partner for years but because of the laws in NY she wasn't able too until a few days ago. The hours I have spent on facebook have also been debating with people who are against same sex marriage and some woman wrote today about the book "After the Ball" and how gays have an agenda. While googling this book I came across your blog, and I started reading a few posts. I'm not sure what was it about this very post that touched my heart and brought me to tears, but I loved everything you said and I often say some of those very same things to my boyfriend. I am looking forward to continuing reading your blog :) Lisa

  10. Lisa, what a thrill to hear from you and to learn that you found my blog.

    You highlight the exact reason why I continue to write--and, coincidentally, why so many gay people have such difficulty accepting and loving themselves--because there is so much hate in this world toward us. The irony is, all we want to do is love someone of the same gender. That's all. But so many religious conservatives don't see it that way and try to make it so much more than it really is.

    On the subject of the Gay Agenda, I assume you found the information you wanted. Early in June, I wrote a post by that very name because, in all of my fifty-one years, I didn't know what our supposed gay agenda was. Strangely, most gay and lesbian people have no idea what our agenda is, either. I find that interesting and telling. Someone is giving us far more credit than we deserve.

    If by Gay Agenda one means having the same rights and privileges, including to marry, as everyone else, then, yes, we have one. But that's about it.

    I must commend you for joining in the fight for equality in New York, especially since you're not a lesbian yourself. Look at what you, and everyone like you, recently achieved. What a thrill it's been for the rest of us to see all the gay and lesbian couples get married this past Sunday. What a tremendous step toward recognition, legitimacy, and respect.

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog, and for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope you'll return often to see what the current topic is and to contribute to the conversation.

  11. Rick, I am sorry that it has taken me a week to respond back to you. But yes I will continue to read your blog and of course I will try to contribute to the conversation as best as I can.

  12. No reason to apologize, Lisa. I'm glad you'll keep checking back and try to comment from time to time. I look forward to it.