Friday, August 12, 2011

Thought for the Day, #28

The following quotes are from Cord Jefferson's "Where's the Pride in Pride Parades?:  In a Politically Important Moment for the Gay Community, Thongs and Theatrics Don't Cut It", published June 15, 2009 at

Annual pride marches ultimately accomplish two things: They entertain those of us--gay and straight--who already wholeheartedly support the cause of equal rights for the LGBT community, and they feed into the rotten stereotypes of bigots, the same people who fear gay boy Scout Leaders and consider same-sex marriage "deviant."

Knowing that there are people--voters who have the power to deny them rights--who will judge them based on the flamboyance of their appearance at one parade, why hasn't the gay community decided to tone down the pride festivals?  

I wish I could say that no bigots are going to use pictures of a few men in thongs in San Francisco [and in every major city in North America, including most recently Vancouver] to write off millions of gay, lesbian and transgender people, but I can't.  There's a lot at stake right now.  The community is on the verge, perhaps, of a tipping point for rights and acceptance. Maybe, just once, the LGBT community should try abandoning the scant costumes and embellished sexuality....  They could march down the center of America's [and Canada's] great cities in all the clothes they regularly wear, exposing themselves for what they truly are: normal human beings.  It wouldn't be as fun as past parades, and it's not fair.  But, for now, that's life.

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