Monday, October 8, 2012

Thought for the Day, #48

The screenplay [of the upcoming motion picture "Lincoln"], by playwright Tony Kushner (husband of EW columnist Mark Harris), excerpts only a portion of [Doris Kearns] Goodwin's book ["Team of Rivals"], focusing on the last four months of Lincoln's life and the political strategizing that helped push the Union to victory in the [U.S.] Civil War.

(The above quote is from the fall movie preview section of the August 17/24, 2012 issue of Entertainment Weekly, #1220/1221, p. 70.  I've bolded a brief section for emphasis.)

Not so long ago, the casual mention of Tony Kushner's married status to another man, Mark Harris, would never have appeared in an international magazine, like Entertainment Weekly.  For that matter, Kushner wouldn't have even been able to marry his life partner.

Today, these references appear more and more frequently–alongside those of heterosexuals's–each time legitimizing same-sex relationships, and proving what we share with our partners is no different from what straight people share with theirs.

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