Friday, December 19, 2014


The month of December is getting on, and I haven't posted anything yet.

On the eleventh, Chris and I returned from nearly two weeks in Hawaii.  While we were there, a couple of people took pictures of us together–one an employee at the Honolulu Coffee Company, in the Westin Moana Surfrider Hotel, and the other a man walking down the pier at Waikiki Beach.  I've included both pictures here.  One of them will end up on our customized Christmas card next year.

If you have one, which is your preference?

(By the way, the hat was a lot of fun to wear.  I didn't think I had a hat face, but maybe I do.)



  1. Good pics! I'm sure it was a great trip. I'd vote for the one with you two standing close together. And, yes, you carry off the hat look quite well.

    1. Pretty lame post, huh, RG? I haven't felt inspired to write anything else lately (although I'm still considering options on how to follow-up on "I Cried…"–perhaps just an Afterword), so this will have to do, I guess.

      Thanks for the kind words. compliment, and vote. Yes, it was a terrific trip, over altogether too soon. But the memories will live on.

    2. Nothing lame about it at all. Your intention is to show the strength and beauty that comes from a healthy long-term relationship. Sometimes photos are the best way to convey that.

    3. Pictures are certainly the easiest way, RG, that's for sure.
      Thanks for your support. I appreciate your comment.