Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Will the Neighbors Receive Us? -- Update

So I spoke with Chris about this the other day. I told him my concern about being a gay couple moving into a neighborhood where there may not be any other gay couples, and where the straight couples may not take kindly to living next door to gay men.

Typical of Chris, he took the high road. He said that maybe our being in the neighborhood would break stereotypes some straight people might have about gay men. That we could prove incorrect any preconceived notions they have about gay people by being there, by being ourselves, and by being good neighbors.

Even though we've lived together as a couple only in larger centers, like Vancouver and Victoria, I have no doubt that we've caused some straight people to look at gay people more positively, in general, because we've always tried to set an example through the way we live.

I think that's important when you're a part of a minority. If you conduct yourself in a positive way, then others will see you more positively, and they may change any negative opinions they have not only of you but of other people like you. I know the opposite is also true.

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