Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Will the Neighbors Receive Us?

I hope you have found a "gay friendly" neighbourhood. =) You never know what you'll find these days (unfortunately) but we'll all think positive!!!!!

The above is a comment one of my friends Jenn wrote in an email I received from her today.

I won't pretend that I haven't already thought of this. When Chris and I went looking at houses with Denise, we saw in several homes that people had written religious expressions or inspirations on chalkboards in prominent locations. Chris commented that we were in a bible belt, which, right away, made me think about how intolerant some religious people can be toward gay people.

I have no doubt two fellows moving into a house together in __________ will get the attention of people who live nearby. The neighborhood looked like it could have a lot of families with lots of little children. Who knows how concerned adult parents might be that their children are exposed to a gay male couple, keeping in mind, of course, that there is a considerable difference between being gay and being a pedophile. The two are not interchangeable.

So our living in this subdivision in __________ could go in two directions: Either people will embrace us in the same way that they always have in Vancouver and Victoria (although perhaps people in larger centers are more worldly and accepting), or we could be isolated altogether, with no one wanting to have anything to do with us.

Of course, there is a third option, which scares the hell out of me: The neighbors could be downright belligerent toward us, making our lives in our new neighborhood intolerable, and trying everything they can to force us to move. What we'd do if that happens I have no idea, but I sure hope it doesn't come to that.

I'm going to take the cup-half-full position on this: That the people in our new neighborhood will be open-minded and warm and accepting. And that in every way that matters, Chris and I will be welcomed and embraced.

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