Friday, March 5, 2010

Daniel Radcliffe

That Daniel Radcliffe.  He's such a cute young man.  I understand why we gay men want to claim him as our own.

Reportedly, a fellow on the Internet claimed that Radcliffe is gay.  He made that assertion based on nothing more than he thinks Radcliffe has "a gay face."

Radcliffe took the comment in stride.  Tongue in cheek, he said the fellow must have compared pictures of him to those of Elton John, to determine if they had similar facial characteristics.      

But Radcliffe, 20, also said that, if he were gay, he'd have no problem saying so, even though he's famous around the world for portraying Harry Potter.  He doesn't think that being famous would make any difference to him as far as revealing his sexual orientation is concerned.

This is not the first time I've read that Radcliffe said something like that.  He seems to be one well-adjusted and accepting young man when it comes to the idea of being gay.

Perhaps this is the difference between being gay and young now, and being gay and young twenty, thirty, forty years ago.  It's our young people who will finally get us to where we want to be.        

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