Thursday, March 18, 2010

Questions? Comments?

Yesterday, I received a comment from Kama on one of my recent posts about writing a novel.  Kama said that my blog was relatively new to him, but that he was more interested in reading details about my relationship with my partner, Chris, and that he wanted me to write more on that subject (which I told him I plan to do).  I appreciate his position.  After all, the name of this blog is "This Gay Relationship," and, lately, I've been writing about anything but.

My response to Kama was, first, to encourage him to read any of the posts I've written over the past thirteen months under the Labels "gay relationship" and "being gay."  Altogether, I've written a total of 119 posts on these two subjects, covering many different aspects of what Chris's and my life together is like, and many of the ongoing issues I've had with being gay.  I think many blog readers have a tendency to focus on only the most recent posts, when the blog may in fact contain a good deal more interesting information on posts written much earlier.  Don't worry--I refer to myself here more than to anyone else.

At any rate, if nothing else, I've proven in what I've written thus far, on a wide variety of subjects, that I'm willing to write about almost anything when it comes to sharing information about "this gay relationship" or what being gay is all about for me.  My hope has always been to say something that will resonate with my readers, that will be helpful, or that will make them feel they're not alone in the way they think or feel.  

So that said, I came up with this idea:  If you have any questions about my gay relationship, go ahead and ask.  If you are part of a gay couple already, and you've always wondered what another gay couple does in certain situations; or if you are gay and single, and you have any questions about what it's like to be in a gay relationship, I encourage you to ask.  I'm open to just about any question you might have, I will do my best to answer everything, and I invite you to help improve my blog by enriching it with your contribution.

I've written about a lot already, but, who knows, maybe I haven't touched on a subject that's really important to you.  Or maybe I have, but you'd like me to say more.  I'm here for you, believe me.  I would be only too happy to help you with anything you might want to know.  Go ahead.  You know you want to ask.

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