Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm thrilled to advise I received an email today from Rachel M. Stevenson, Co-founder of Counseling Masters, to say this blog has been selected as one of the "Top 50 Blogs to Help Your Personal Relationships."

In her email, Ms. Stevenson wrote:  "I'm writing this because I thought both you and your readers might want to check out our article "Top 50 Blogs to Help Your Personal Relationships", wherein This Gay Relationship is listed at #13."  The website where the entire list is located is:

Further, the reference to this blog on the above website says: "If you are interested in having a successful homosexual relationship, this blog can help you with insights from a man who has been in a monogamous gay relationship for nearly two decades."

As a said to Ms. Stevenson, when I wrote back to thank her for the recognition, I've worked at this blog for nearly two years, and my first intention has always been to share through my own example that long-term, loving, committed, and monogamous gay relationships really do exist, and they are possible for everyone.

I also said I've tried to help gay people see they must work on loving themselves first for successful relationships to become a part of their lives.  I believe this more than ever, and, if I've written anything in any of my posts to help make that happen in someone's life, then I've truly succeeded at what I set out to do.

Please check out the above link, and, again, my sincere thanks to Rachel Stevenson and Counseling Masters.  I'm overjoyed my humble blog is listed on her website.


  1. Thanks, Jeanette. I'm still happy about this one.
    Makes me want to make some changes to my blog to improve it even more.

  2. Wow!! Congratulations indeed Rick! I'm thrilled that there is a perspective like this available, and though there are others, this one is a good fit with me, and I enjoy it. Immensely. :)

  3. Thanks, chaoticGRRL, for your kinds words. I appreciate the vote of confidence, and I'm thrilled my voice is one you connect with. I hope I can continue to write on subjects that interest you.
    Thanks again.