Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow (Updated)

Snow fell last night, which is rare for the Lower Mainland.  So far this winter, snow fell over a day or so in November, January, and February, but it was soon gone, leaving us with dull, grey wetness the rest of the time.  Last night's snow will soon disappear too, but not before I snapped a few pictures of my sweetheart shovelling and salting the sidewalks.

By the time I got up this morning, Chris was already outside, toque on head, shovel in hands, glowing smile on his face.  I'm telling you, he's like a ten year old when snow falls--animated and giddy.  Seeing him in his state fills me with such joy.  I love when he's happy, usually because of the smallest things.  I love when the kid comes out in him.  I don't see that often, but, when I do, it's one of those special moments I add to all the other special moments we've been fortunate enough to experience over the years.

We've been together a long time now, but when mornings like today's come along, I feel as though I discover Chris, and the magic he brings to my life, all over again.  I imagine myself one day sitting in an old folks home, looking through all the pictures I took of the life we shared, and feeling not so much a sense of sadness for what was and will never be again, but an overflow of fulfillment and happiness and gratitude for the time we had together.

I am blessed beyond belief.  I love this man so, so much.      

I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Update:  It's 12:31 p.m., and Chris and I just returned home from an hour and a half walk in the snow. What a blast--shuffling our feet in the white stuff, and stopping to throw snowballs at each other.  What great exercise, too.  This is what life is made of, not going to the stores and buying something all the time.

Happy winter, everyone.


  1. Snow! I love the Snow!

    Granted, your snow is going to be much heavier than the snow that i am used to - lots of moisture content. And it probably doesn't last long enough to be dried out by the wind (would you guys even get the arctic winds that dry out our snow? I doubt it).

    Good for Chris. Enjoying the snow - smiling at the prospect of shovelling it. One of those moments in life that you just love.

    (on a side note, I heard that California was covered in snow yesterday too! I couldn't help but laugh at all of the car accidents that were on the news. I suppose snow tires don't really exist in that part of the world...)

  2. I knew you would love the snow, Neal. One of your recent posts inspired me to write and share this one.
    Yes, our snow is heavy with moisture, much more so than on the prairies, and, typically, it doesn't last long, because temperatures hover so close to zero Celsius, particularly at night. Sometimes, we get arctic air, but usually not when there's snow (it never dries out the snow and makes it powdery). Occasionally, we get snow and arctic air together. That's when we're really in trouble, especially if it lasts for days on end.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I love seeing the Joy that your relationship brings you Rick, and the child like Joy that Chris receives out of this weather.

    I'm not particularly fond of the snow we get on the prairies, but your sno I could live with.

    I'm a rain person. :)

    I absolutely love this blog and the connection I feel with everyone here! :)

  4. Heather, when I think about what Chris and our relationship means to me, I can't put it into words--that is, the right words escape me, probably because there are no words to describe the depth of my love for that man and for our life together. All I know is, I love him with all my heart, and I'm completely in our relationship, one hundred percent. I hold nothing back.
    You know what? I was looking for another subject to write about. Responding to your comment may just have given me that.
    I'm so happy you feel so positive about my blog. I'm doing my best to create a place where readers feel at home and want to come to spend a little time. I sincerely hope I have something both meaningful and helpful to say.
    But, of course, no man is an island. If readers such as you never came by, my blog wouldn't be anything like what it is.
    So thank you. Thank you so much for your kind words and for your support. Sincerely, I appreciate them.

  5. We appreciate snow in Vancouver, because it is a rare treat. Being with the person you love can sometimes mean taking that person for granted over the long term. So I guess we need to try and appreciate that special someone every day, with the same feeling we get from a blanket of new fallen snow! Looks like Chris can make fast work of any task : )

  6. Nice connection, Doug, between not allowing ourselves to take our partners for granted and a layer of newly fallen snow.
    Thanks for your comment.