Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coming Out Month: 12% Equality

Last week, while Chris and I were on vacation in Whistler (pictures to follow), Sarah in Calgary forwarded to me an email she received from an organization called GetEQUAL.  The email contained an eye-opening video released in conjunction with National Coming Out Day, held every October 11, which I want to share with you.

The purpose of the video will become apparent as you watch it, but the message at it's conclusion is worth capturing here:

Despite recent progress, and 42 years after Stonewall [which initiated the gay rights movement], LGBT Americans remain only 12% equal to straight Americans when it comes to...
* Hate crimes legislation (passed)
* Marriage equality
* Freedom of gender expression
* Safe schools and youth safety
* Parental rights
* Healthcare equity    

I'm not sure where the figure of 12% comes from, but, whether the degree of inequity is 12 or 23 or 34% doesn't matter.  The point is, LGBT Americans do not have the same rights as straight Americans, and GetEQUAL is in place to raise awareness, which it does effectively with this video.

To access the GetEQUAL website, please click here.

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