Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My "It Gets Better" Video Now Live on You Tube

In case you're interested, my "It Gets Better" video is now live on You Tube.  You can access it by clicking here.

My thanks to all of you who provided such positive comments about my video.  I sincerely appreciate your kindness and support.


  1. I haven't seen this video on the front page. Yes, it's discoverable on youtube, but you also need to submit it on the following page:
    That way you get more views.

    PS! I'm fine, but I've been a busy bee lately. So no spare time for myself, only for school. To sum up, I'm taking it easy: going to see Weekend (by Andrew Haigh) - first time I've got the courage to actually go to a cinema where a gay love story is told; taking part in extracurricular activities. More or less I've understood that I am me. And the only way to live happily, is to love myself. That's my agenda.

  2. Many thanks, Elevencats, for providing me with the link to the submit-a-video page at It Gets Better. I appreciate it. Anything to give my video a better chance to be viewed and to help as many as possible.

    As always, it's wonderful to hear from you and to be brought up to date on how you're doing. You seem to be in a good place, extending yourself into the community by taking in a gay movie and other activities.

    Yes, you are indeed you, and, believe me, you are more than good enough. And, yes, you've heard my message loud and clear: love yourself. That's the only way. You know it, and I know it.

    Never hesitate to write me and to let me know how you're doing and what you're up to. I think about you all the time, hoping all is well. You're a special young man, and you have so much going for you. Never forget that, okay?

    Take good care of yourself, and thanks so much for keeping in touch.

  3. I really like the tone of your video. It's comforting, mature, and realistic. I appreciate how you offer concrete advice and not sympathy and empty promises, like so many other of these videos.

    1. Simon, I hadn't seen this video in nearly three years. It still made me cringe when I watched it today, to remind myself of what I said. I hate looking at myself in pictures, but especially in videos. Doesn't seem like it's me (or, at least, not how I necessarily want to project myself), but I guess it is.

      At any rate, I really appreciate your kind words. As I said in the video, I didn't want to put one out there unless I felt I had something constructive to add. I know the three suggestions I made really helped me, so I hoped they might help someone else too. I haven't heard from anyone about the video in a long time, so its value might be limited. But that's what I have to offer in terms of the "It Gets Better" program.

      Thanks for watching and commenting. I appreciate it.