Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pictures of "This Gay Relationship" in Whistler

In my ongoing effort to present positive images of gay men in relationships--and assuming Chris and I are looked at in that way--I want to share with you several pictures of us from our recent trip to Whistler.  One of these pictures (with whatever cropping is necessary) will likely be on the customized Christmas card we send to family and friends this year, but we haven't decided which one.  Do you have a preference?





  1. Thanks, Wendy. I appreciate your opinion.

  2. Ooo, I like number two! (Cropped just a wee bit...) But what, no matching sweaters?? I used to do that to us, and then this year, I found a photo card that says "they're smiling because they aren't wearing matching sweaters"....heh.

  3. Never thought about matching sweaters, Sarah. Probably a good thing.

    That reminds me. Sometimes, Chris and I are dressing to go out, and, without discussing what we plan to put on beforehand, we both come out of our rooms wearing almost the same thing--for example, white T, blue, untucked shirt, khaki shorts. Chris doesn't like matchy-matchy (I think it can look cute), but neither of us thinks matching does either of us any good as gay men and a gay couple.

    Thanks for voting for #2. I'll reserve my opinion on the one I prefer until I receive responses from other readers (if I do). It's interesting how different people see Chris and me differently, and how we want to appear to ourselves, and to family and friends (does that make sense?).

    Thanks again.

  4. Oh, matchy matchy couples drive me nuts! Especially if it's matching sweatshirts or windbreakers, makes me think of a very small bowling team (yes, I'm catty, I own it... :)

  5. Nr 3: I like close-up pictures. It brings the looker close to people. The rocks behind you perfectly represent your strong relationship.

  6. @Loretta: Thanks for your vote. I appreciate it.

    @Jeanette: I appreciate your vote. Thanks.

    @Sarah: Funny follow-up comment. Thanks for sharing.

    @elevencats: I may have done a disservice to pictures 1 and 2 by not cropping them first and making the pieces with Chris and me in them a little larger. That said (and since I don't think there will be many more votes), 3 is my favorite, too. I like the setting, I think the way we're posed reflects how close we are in our relationship, and I believe the expressions on our faces aren't bad (although we laughed that Chris's smile looks like something you might see on Kermit the frog from the Muppets).

    When I saw the rocks, I knew that's where I wanted a picture of us taken. Unfortunately, the tripod was back in the trunk of the car at the hotel. So, while I asked Chris to clamber up onto the rocks so I could take his picture, a very sweet woman from Wisconsin was walking by, Starbucks coffee in hand, and offered to take our picture together. What good timing was that. She was very sweet and obviously nonplussed by an obviously gay couple.

    I appreciate the symbolism of the rocks in your comment. I just really liked the different colors and textures (very autumn-like). I asked the woman from Wisconsin to be sure the rocks took up the entire background (as there were other structures and items in the background, too). I think she did a really good job.

    Thanks for your vote and the comment.

  7. First off... I love all three and you can't go wrong with any of them!

    I'm guessing most people will choose #3 because in and of itself, it has the makings of a nicely staged shot - something you'd expect.

    But I vote for #2 (without question) because it's so freely and organically YOU. You're both relaxed, happy, and natural. It's not posed. It's just a great capture - like "a moment" was truly captured. Love it.

    Love the love!
    Love, Donna

  8. Thanks for your vote and feedback, Donna.

    I see what you mean about #2; I never thought of it that way. Of the three, I think it's the one with the best expression on Chris's face and the best representation of the man I love so much (what a sweetheart he truly is).

    But I can't say I like the expression on my face. Natural? Oh, yes. We were sharing a laugh at the time. But don't I look like I'm trying to catch flies with that open-mouthed smile? That's what comes to mind for me.

    Anyway, we haven't decided which one to use yet. I know Chris will have something to say about our choice. I hope we can agree. If not, then we might have to use the one we took this summer with the two of us sitting on our front porch. I know we'll agree on that one.

    Thanks again for being so sweet and kind. I really appreciate it.