Monday, February 21, 2011

The Happy Couple of "This Gay Relationship"

So I know I've presented positive images of gay couples in print advertisements for TD Canada Trust, but we realize the folks in those pictures are models and not in real relationships, right?

That being the case, I thought I'd share several pictures of Chris and me together over the years.  I know finding photos of real gay couples is difficult, and, since this blog is about a real gay relationship, and many of my readers are gay men who want to be in relationships of their own, I thought you might find these inspirational.  At least I hope you do.

Twenty years ago, I would never have believed I'd have pictures of me and my life partner to share with anyone.  The fact that I do speaks to the possibility of the same thing happening in your life, if that's what you want.  As they say, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you.  

I hope you like these.

December 2006:  Chris and me on Waikiki Beach, with Diamond Head in the background.  We stopped an Asian woman walking along the beach and asked her to take our picture on our last full day there, just before we watched the sunset.  We're grateful she obliged.  
What a magical place Hawaii is.  Prior to going there, I would never have believed it.  We've gone back once more since.
June 2008:  Chris and me on a winery tour in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, near Naramata.  Chris is the wine connoisseur and, since I don't drink, I'm the designated driver.  Many wineries have amazing restaurants with great views of the valley.  This is one of them.  
September 2008:  Chris and me in Paris, with Notre Dame de Paris in the background.  A very sweet American couple happened to walk by, saw we were challenged to get a picture together, and volunteered to help us out.  This was only day two of our trip.  We still had nearly two full weeks left. What a great time.  
Christmas Day 2009:  Chris and I went for a walk in a local park.  He found a post with a flat top and programmed the timer on the camera to snap this picture.  It's the same picture as the one on my profile here.  I love the browns and greys.  Very rustic looking, even though Chris and I are anything but rustic.
Can you tell the sun was shining but it was freezing cold?  My hands were like ice.  I had gloves; who knows why I didn't have them on.


  1. Thank you! I'm always very thrilled to see more personal things from you - that's probably the student of human nature speaking - but I really do. I love seeing a visual expression of what you talk about and share here.

    Both of you are so amazingly beautiful and you can really see the honest affection you share with each other.

  2. Great pics, I know how hard it can be to get the perfect couple shot... I guess it helps being photogenic like you guys : ) Chris is lucky to have a designated driver for wine tasting (come to think of it, Jesse does not drink either). It's true many wineries have great restaurants now too, and it's so much better to enjoy wine with food, rather than just "tasting."

  3. Oh, those are wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing them! All of these help us to get a more complete picture of what your life is like. And although I think the posts on self-esteem, etc. are great, and help people recognize and then start to change behaviours, the little anecdotes, and photos, really help to ground your blog in a way, and give people things with which they can identify. Love reading it, Rick, always!

  4. Doh! My daughter must've signed into her gmail on my's Sarah, not Kate!

  5. So great to hear from everyone. Thanks for your comments.

    @Brahm: You're welcome. Thanks for your kind words.

    @chaotticGRRL: I never considered posting our pictures here a visual representation of what I talk about and share, but you're right. Anything related to the relationship I share with Chris potentially belongs, so I have to be aware of that when I think about what to write next.

    You are so sweet with your compliments, Heather. I really appreciate your kindness. Thanks for your support.

    @Doug: Photogenic? Me? Do you have any idea how many pictures have to be taken of me before a single one is decent? Or, I should say, before I find one I believe represents me in the way I want to be represented?

    I've seen all the pictures of you (and others) you've posted so far, and I could say the same about you, Doug. I think you look pretty terrific in photographs. You seem to be comfortable in front of the camera. Good for you. That's an art.

    @Sarah: So good to hear from you again. For all the writing I do about self-esteem and self-love, sometimes, I still have difficulty believing anyone is interested in what I have to say, let alone what my life is like.

    But I've taken to heart what you said about how the little, unexpected things (my words) ground my blog and help people identify better with me and my thoughts, and I'll be more aware of that when choosing what to write about in the future.

    Again, my sincere thanks to all of you.