Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thought for the Day, #34

So here's something to think about, an idea I've tossed around for the past month or so.  Again, it has to do with self-loathing, and the reality that many gay people hate themselves because of the constant messages they receive throughout their lives that being gay is wrong, evil, or immoral.

I believe some straight people, who stand in judgement of us, can only be thrilled when they learn of our self-loathing, how miserable we often are as a result, and how that self-loathing negatively affects our lives in so many ways.  Why wouldn't they be?  As I see it, our self-loathing plays right into their opinion of what they believe to be true about being gay.  

If homosexuality wasn't wrong, they must think, then why would gay people hate themselves? But because they believe it is wrong, and since gay people often exhibit the signs of self-loathing because they've consciously or unconsciously accepted that it's wrong, too, then they must be right--being gay is wrong.  Otherwise, why would self-hate play such a detrimental role in our lives?    

Do you need any more convincing to turn self-loathing into self-love?  Do we want to give those who oppose us more ammunition?  Let's truly be filled with the pride we want everyone to think we have.  But remember, pride isn't something we put on once a year, at a parade, event, or celebration.  Instead, it's something we permit ourselves to feel all the time, when we've accepted and love ourselves just as we are.

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